“Branding Professional Images”

We Are

BPI Printing Company. A company with a stated Vision. A Company with a clear Path to Performance. This Path to Performance is defined with strong Core Values, with superior Product Knowledge, and with complete Customer Competence. Simply stated, BPI Printing Company is fully committed to our Path to Performance and developing the highest level of Trust in the industry. A Trust only earned— a Trust only achieved— a Trust only obtained by a select group. An exclusive group where Core Values, Product Knowledge, and Customer Competence come together. WE ARE part of this select group—this exclusive group. We are BPI Printing Company.


With Core Values, Product Knowledge, and Customer Competence, BPI will develop the highest level of Trust in the industry.

Core Values

Core Values determine the success of any company. At BPI Printing Company, we have 7 Core Values. Our Core Values are non-negotiable. Our Core Values are absolute.

✓  Safety
✓  Integrity
✓  Respect
✓  Customer Driven

✓  Teamwork
✓  Work Ethic
✓  Commitment

Product Knowledge

Offering superior Product Knowledge is a difference maker. Bringing value to the marketplace and having total understanding of our product offerings will set us apart. Classroom training, Product Demonstration, and Positive interaction with our vendors is critical to our success.

Customer Competence

Complete Customer Competence will elevate and accelerate the confidence level and customer experience. Initiating 1-on-1 interaction with our customer base, participating in brainstorming sessions, creating strategies, solutions, and ideas— along with syncing up our respective calendars will differentiate us in the marketplace.


Trust must be earned. Earned as we operate with absolute Core Values. Earned as we offer superior Product Knowledge. Earned with complete and total Customer Competence.

Brand ON

At BPI Printing Company we ask 3 questions. When people look at you, do they see your brand? Wear it! Is your brand in a position to compete daily? Then Win it! Finally, is it a lifestyle? Live it! You see, we want to keep your brand relevant and fresh. From wearables, to desktop items, to customer giveaways, to any branded product— we challenge, we charge our customers to Wear it, Win it, Live it— To Brand ON! That’s what we do at BPI, we are “Branding Professional Images,” that’s our commitment to you. Let’s grow our brands together.
Jim Calhoon
BPI Printing Company

Wear It!
Win It!
Live It!
Brand On!

“Branding Professional Images”

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